About Us

The company Promponas was founded in 1970 from Michalis Promponas and specialized in importing fabrics for the making of fine clothing, always aiming for the best quality. Since 2000, Mr. Promponas Menelaos, Michalis’ son, has been customizing shirts, using cutting techniques that result in the best fitting of the shirt on the costumer’s body, hiding even the smallest imperfections.

The fabrics that are used come from the best European factories, always serving the standards of high quality.

In our atelier, you can create your own customized shirt, based on your personal style, choosing from a big variety of colors, designs, pattern  and fabrics that we have available, as well as from authentic sample books from the famous designers :  Monti- Grandi – Rubinelli – Canclini -  Erba and last but not least , the oldest fabric manufacturer : Alumo.

Our employees help the costumer choose the collar and the cuffs of their shirt , depending on the use of their shirt and of course, always considering the physical proportions of the head and neck , so that the  final product is suited  perfectly to the costumer .

As for the wedding shirts, it’s natural that every groom would like to stand out on their special day. In this case, there is the capability of making different designs  or patterns for the shirts, as well as different buttons, that will make each shirt special but also discreet.

The ability to sew your initials on the shirt with Greek or Latin characters  will make it special for them either in an easily visible place or not, according to the costumer’s personal  choice and big variety of colorful silk threads they can pick from.

A myth that should be negated is that a fitted shirt is very unaffordable.

This is inaccurate for two reasons. First and foremost, by choosing a fitted shirt, one can avoid the deformation from imperfections of a pre-made one. Second is that after purchasing a fitted shirt, extra fabric is given to the costumer, so that if the collar or cuffs get damaged, they can easily be replaced. That results in the shirt lasting much longer.

Given the complicated timetables and the minimum free time each individual has, our atelier is open every day of the week, even on Sundays ,and you can visit us by making an appointment at your suitable time.